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- Bruce Fox, Facebook

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Custom Process your beef

Get your beef cut exactly the way you want it done. At Kah Meats, we're proud to offer excellent customized services to all our clients.


Only $0.55 per pound!

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The Best Beef Processing Around

Get Any Type of cut

Whether you want roasts, steaks or ground beef, you can count on our expert staff for any type of cut you want. Visit us today to learn how we can help.


Dividing is only $0.04 per pound (for 1/2 of 1/2 beef)

Looking for high-quality meat? Make Kah Meats your one-stop shop for the best quality meat in the town. With over a century in business, we have  a variety of cuts and meat to offer. You will find everything you could possibly want, including signature cuts.

BEEF TO BE PROCESSED                                                   $80.00

BEEF GOING OUT TO BE PROCESSED                             $100.00

BEEF PATTIES                                                                    $0.40

BEEF OVER 30 MONTHS                                                    $90.00

Custom Processing

BEEF                                                                                  $0.55

DIVIDING                                                                           $0.04

(FOR 1/2 of 1/2 BEEF)                          

Special Processing and seasoning

Leave it to us to worry about where to find the best livestock to meet your exact specifications. We offer both beef and pork at competitive prices. Price per round includes basic cutting of steaks, chops, roasts, bulk ground meat, double wrapped in freezer paper, and freezing. Extras are as listed above per pound (patties, cubing, etc.)



*Includes cutting, wrapping, and freezing

WRAPPED BEEF PATTIES                                                   $0.50

DOUBLE WRAPPED BEEF PATTIES                                    $0.60

BEEF JERKY                                                                        $4.50

Retail Processing

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1/2 BEEF                                                                            $2.79

1/2 of 1/2 BEEF                                                                 $2.83

HIND QTR BEEF                                                                 $2.89

FRONT QTR BEEF                                                              $2.72

1/2 or WHOLE HOGS                                                         $1.65

Average weight of 1/2 Beef 350-450 lbs

Average weight of 1/2 Hog 80-100 lbs

We also offer hogs for roasting

Call us now for current prices.



Chuck, Arm, English, Rump, and Tip


*Tell us the number of pounds you require for each roast.


Rib roast

Rib roast is done on a rib/rib-eye steak so if you take this you will lose steaks



Rib steak (bone-in) or Rib-eye (boneless),


Porterhouse and T-Bones


Strips and Fillets instead of Porterhouse and T-Bones *Not availbale in 1/2 of 1/2 unless other 1/2 of 1/2 is also getting


Sirloin steak


Round steak and/or Cubed steak, steak for Swissing,


Chuck steak (It is done out of chuck roasts, so if you want this you will lose some roasts)


*Tell us how many steaks per package and thickness of a cut you want.


* We will need to know if you want brisket, soup bones, short ribs, boiling beef, or stew meat.



We will need to know what size of bulk (ex. 1#, 1 1/2 #, 2#) you want and if you would like patties made (ex. 1/2 bulk -1/2 patties)



CUBING                                                                              $0.30

CANNING                                                                           $0.15

ROLLED ROAST                                                                 $0.15

BONING                                                                             $0.30

2-support-2 2-support-1 2-support-3

Choose a fresh and juicy steak for your dinner tonight.

Ask about our special processing services like wrapped and double-wrapped beef patties.

Make sure you get your meat processed to your exact specifications.

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