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Lamb / Goat Processing

When you come to Kah Meats, you know you’re getting the highest quality meats available for affordable prices. Bring any questions you have to our expert staff. Your satisfaction is totally guaranteed. All packages under 1lb will be charged a $.25 small package fee. Call ahead to get curbside pick up!

Make sure your next big holiday meal is one-of-a-kind with our lamb roasts.

It is the responsibility of the customer dropping off the animal to provide the names and phone numbers of the individuals receiving your animals at the time of drop off. You are responsible for having your customers call us with cutting instructions.

Lamb or goat cutting instructions need to be submitted or called in on the day of slaughter or before.

As freezer space is limited, it is also the responsibility of the customer to pick up within 7 days of receiving their call. Any processed meat not picked up within 7 days of their call is subject to extra charges. This applies to all types of processing.

Regular ProcessingPrice / Lb
Lambs Going Out To Be Processed$43.00
Goats Going Out To Be Processed$43.00
Custom ProcessingPrice / Lb

(MINIMUM $75.00)

$0.85 / lb

(MINIMUM $75.00)

$0.85 / lb

Try Out Some Lamb

Make your next holiday special with some great cuts of lamb available for custom processing. Call us to learn more today.

Get lamb processed for as low as $0.85 per pound, a minimum of $75.00 processing.

Ask About Goat Processing

If you’ve never had goat before, it’s definitely, a type of meat you should try. Let us answer your questions about goat processing.

Call us now for a FREE consultation about custom lamb and goat processing.