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Venison Processing

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but because of the high demand for custom beef/pork processing, we can only accept boneless deer meat. (That means we will not accept any carcass or quartered deer.) All packages under 1lb will be charged a $.25 small package fee.

Call the staff at Kah Meats for more information.

Failure to comply to any of the above requirements will result in denial of order or additional charges.

ProcessPrice / Lb
Summer Sausage

Approximately 18" long & 3" diameter

$6.19 / Stick (3lb)
Summer Sausage W/Jalapeño Cheese$6.99 / Stick
Summer Sausage W/Cheddar Cheese$7.25 / Stick
Regular Jerky$5.00 / lb (green wt)
Sliced for Jerky$2.00 / lb
Snack Stixs

(#2 Increments)

$3.75 / lb (2lb Green WT)
Snack Stixs (Hot Pepper Cheese)

(#2 Increments)

$4.25 / lb (2lb Green WT)
Snack Stixs (Jalapeño Cheese)

(#2 Increments)

$4.50 / lb (2lb Green WT)
Brats$3.50 / lb
ProcessPrice / Lb
Casing$3.00 / lb
Patties$2.00 / lb
Bologna (#10 Increments)

(Slicing Additional #1.25/lb)

$2.00 / lb
Grinding & Stuff$1.75 / lb
Add Suet To Grinding$1.00 / lb
Add Pork To Grinding$2.50 / lb
Add Beef To Grinding$3.00 / lb
Stew$1.00 / lb
Vacuum Pac$0.75 / bag
Wrapping Steaks, Etc.$1.25 / lb

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