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Pork Products

Make Kah Meats your one-stop shop for top-of-the-line cuts of locally raised pork at a great price. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed whenever you choose us as your first choice in custom-processed pork. We are a family-owned and operated business, serving the community since 1898. All packages under 1lb will be charged a $0.25 small package fee. per package.

Ask us for plain, wrapped, or double-wrapped pork patties today.

It is the responsibility of the customer dropping off the animal to provide the names and phone numbers of the individuals receiving your animals at the time of drop off. You are responsible for having your customers call us with cutting instructions.

Pork-cutting instructions need to be submitted or called in on the day of slaughter or before.

As freezer space is limited, it is also the responsibility of the customer to pick up within 7 days of receiving their call. Any processed meat not picked up within 7 days of their call is subject to extra charges. This applies to all types of processing.

Retail Processing

Let us take the guesswork away from you about where to find your livestock . We offer both beef and pork at competitive rates. Price per pound includes basic cutting of steaks, chops, roasts, bulk ground meat, double wrapped in freezer paper, and freezing. Extras are as listed above per pound (patties, cubing, etc.)

* Includes cutting, wrapping, and freezing.
Size / AreaPrice / Lb
½ Beef$3.94 / lb
½ of ½ Beef$3.99 / lb
Hind QTR Beef$4.03 / lb
Front QTR Beef$3.87 / lb
½ or Whole Hogs$1.99 / lb

Average weight of 1/2 Beef 350–400 lbs.
Average weight of 1/2 Hog 80–100 lbs.
We also offer hogs for roasting.
Call us for current prices.

Pork Cuts

Regular ProcessingPrice / Lb
Pork To Be Processed$40.00
Pork Over 225lbs$45.00
Hog Going Out To Be Processed$50.00
Sows To Be Processed$60.00
Sows Going Out To Be Processed$65.00
Custom ProcessingPrice / Lb
Pork$0.70 / lb
Special Processing & SeasoningPrice / Lb
Pork Patties

(No Seasoning)

$0.60 / lb
Wrapped Pork Patties$0.10 / lb
Double Wrapped Pork Patties$0.20 / lb
Breakfast Links

(No Seasoning)

$1.25 / lb
Breakfast Patties

(No Seasoning)

$1.00 / lb
Cubing$0.40 / lb
Casing$0.65 / lb
Brats$1.10 / lb
Marinated Chops$1.10 / lb
Ham Loaf$0.60 / lb
Salt & Pepper Seasoning$0.20 / lb
Other Seasoning$0.35 / lb
Smoking$0.70 / lb
Smoked Sausage$1.35 / lb
Canning$0.25 / lb
Rolled Roast$0.25 / lb
Boning$0.40 / lb
Pepper Bacon (A Slab)$4.00 EA
BRT Ham$3.00 EA
Sliced BRT$5.00 EA
Sliced BRT$5.00 EA
Stew$0.55 / lb


More Information Coming Soon!


Pork Steaks and/or Shoulder Roasts.

* We will need to know how many pounds per roast you want and/or number of steaks per package.


Smoked Bacon or Fresh Side Meat.


Ham Roasts, Ham Steaks.

* Need to know if you want smoked or fresh. (To taste like ham will need to be smoked) Also need to know how you would like ham cut (ex. Whole, cut ½, end roasts & center slices, all steaks).


Pork Chops (Bone-In or Boneless), Loin Roast, Pork Tenderloin (do you want cubed?), Country-Style Ribs.

* Need to know how many chops per package or how many pounds each roast


Bulk, Patties, Links, Brats and/or Smoked Sausage.

* We will need to know what kind of seasoning you want and if all bulk or casing and/or patties. (ex. 1/3 bulk, 1/3 patties, 1/3 casing/brats).
Seasonings include: no seasoning, salt and pepper, sage, Italian, bratwurst.
Please know if you take all your cuts there will not be much sausage to work with so limit your choices accordingly.
Special seasonings are available with a $20 minimum.

* Any cuts you don’t want will be turned into sausage

Pork Processed Like You Want

If you have a special meal planned and need your pork processed just right, feel free to give us a call. We offer FREE consultations on any custom processing.

Only $0.70 per pound!

Choose Cuts From A Whole Hog

No job is too big for us to handle. We’re more than happy to process an entire hog into custom cuts for you at a competitive, affordable price.

1/2 or whole hogs processed for as low as $1.99 per pound.

Call us to get a FREE estimate on the pork processing you want to be done today.